Software Engineering Practical using PHP/MySQL

Software project: Desktop / Web based
Platform: any

Backend Language: PHP/MYSQL
Frontend: HTML + CSS + JS
Server: Local server (XAMPP/WAMP) / Web Server
Text Editor: Notepad++ / Sublime Text/ VS code etc.

1. Install XAMPP. Download from:
2. Start xampp control panel
3. Start PHP (Apache) and MySQL service
4. Click ‘Explorer’ >> htdocs folder (server root)
5. Create project folder ’21q’
6. Create index.html / index.php file in ’21q’ folder
7. Write some html code in index file
8. Browse http://localhost/21q from any browser e.g. Google chrome
Note: browsing localhost/21q will automatically run the index file.
9. Create a php file test.php and write some php code then browse http://localhost/21q/test.php
Note: to run php program file we must use Local/web server. PHP code must be written in php tag (<?php //program code here… ?> )
10. Create a database and a table in database server by browsing http://localhost/phpmyadmin from any browser
11. Write php code using php/mysql functions to connect and query in database

1. ICT book chapter – 4
2. HTML tutorial / or anywhere

Programming Language in C Practical List

Section – 1 (Introduction, Constant, Variables, Data Types, Operators, Expressions, Decisions Making, Branching and Looping)       (Answer any two)                                        15 ´ 2 = 30


(a)   Write a program to find the area of a circle. (Use p as a symbolic constant).

(b)   Write a program to convert the given temperature in Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa.

(c)   Write a program to find the all-possible roots of a quadratic equation.

(d)   Write a program that takes a floating-point number as input and display the floating point and integer part separately.

(e)   Write a program to find the factorial of an integer.

(f)   Write a program that takes an integer as input and display it in reverse order.

(g)   Write a program to convert any integer to its binary equivalent.

(h)   Write a program in C to determine and print the sum of the following harmonic series for a given value of n : s = 1 + 1/22 + 1/33 …….. + 1/nn.

(i)    Given an integer number, write a program that displays the number as follows :

First Line       : all digits

Second Line   : all excepts first digits

Third Line      : all excepts first two digits


Last Line        : the last digit.

For example, the number 5678 will be displayed as :

5         6          7          8

6         7          8

7         8


(j)    Write a program in C that prints the smallest of the three numbers.

(k)   Write a program in C to compute the sum of the digits of a given integer number. For example, if the input number is 123 then output should be 6.



Section – 2 (Arrays, Character Arrays, Strings, User-Defined Functions and Structures) (Answer any one)                                                                                                                15 ´ 1 = 15


(a)   Write a program to multiply two matrices.

(b)   Write a program to initialize all the diagonal elements of a two-dimensional array to 1 and others to 0.

(c)   Write a program that reads a string from keyboard and determines whether it is a palindrome or not.

(d)   Write a program to evaluate the expression using user defined function:

f(x) = x-x3/3! + x5/5!-x7/7!+…..

(e)   Write a program to find the first n Fibonacci numbers.

(f)   Write a program using an array of structure to read the number of three subjects for n students and sort them according to their position. (1st, 2nd, 3rd ……)

(g)   Given two one-dimensional arrays A and B which are sorted in ascending order. Write a program to merge them into a single sorted array C that contains every item from arrays A and B, in ascending order.

(h)   Write a program to copy one string into another and count the number of characters copied.

(i)    Write a program in C to concatenate the three arrays namely first-name, second-name, third-name into one string to be called name.


Section – 3 (Pointers and File Management) (Answer any one)                                  15 ´ 1 = 15


(a)   Write a program using pointers to read  an array of integers and print its elements in reverse order.

(b)   Write a program using pointers to compute the sum of all elements stored in an array.

(c)   Write a program to copy the contents of one file into another.

(d)   Write a program to read data from keyboard, write it to a file called, INPUT, again read the same data from the INPUT file and display it on the screen.

(e)   Write a program that appends one file at the end of another.

(f)   Write a program to open a file named INVENTORY and store in it the following data :

Item Name                  Number                    Price                   Quantity

AAA-1                        123                       15.55                       150

BBB-2                        125                       36.12                       175

CCC-3                        527                       32.15                       115

Extend the program to read this data from the file INVENTORY and display the inventory table with the value of each item.