BBA520125-E-Commerce Syllabus

Course Title : E-Commerce
Course Code: 520125

  1. Understanding E-commerce: Meaning of E-commerce & E-Business. Origins and Growth of E-commerce. History of E-commerce. Why Study E-commerce? Unique Features of Ecommerce Technology, Types of E-commerce, Growth of the Internet, Web, and Mobile Platform. E-Commerce Business Model and Concepts.
  2. Infrastructure for E-Commerce: The Internet, The Evolution of the Internet, The Internet Today The Future Internet Infrastructure, Limitations of the Current Internet. The Web, The Internet and the Web, Mobile Apps.
  3. Building an E-Commerce Perspective: Imagine Your E-commerce Presence, Building an Ecommerce Presence, Choosing Software and Hardware, Other E-Commerce Site Tools, Developing a Mobile Web Site and Building Mobile Applications.
  4. E-commerce Security and Payment Systems: The E-commerce Security Environment, Security Threats in the E-commerce Environment, Technology Solutions, Management Policies, Business Procedures, and Public Laws, E-commerce Payment Systems, Online Credit Card Transactions Credit Card E-commerce Enablers, Mobile Payment Systems, Digital Cash and Virtual Currencies, Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment.
  5. E- Commerce Marketing: Consumers Online, The Internet Audience and Consumer Behavior, Consumer Behavior Models, The Online Purchasing Decision, Digital Commerce Marketing and Advertising Strategies and Tools, The Web Site as a Marketing Platform: Establishing the Customer Relationship, Traditional Online Marketing and Advertising Tools, Search Engine Marketing and Advertising, Display Ad Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Viral Marketing, Lead Generation Marketing, Social, Mobile, and Local Marketing and Advertising, Multi-Channel Marketing: Integrating Online and Offline Marketing, Other Online Marketing Strategies, Customer Retention Strategies, Pricing Strategies, Long Tail Marketing, Internet Marketing Technologies, The Revolution in Internet Marketing Technologies, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems, Understanding the Costs and Benefits of Online Marketing Communications, Online Marketing Metrics, How Well Does Online Advertising Work? The Costs of Online Advertising,
  6. Mobile Marketing: M-commerce Today, How People Actually Use Mobile Devices, In-App Experiences and In-App Ads, How the Multi-Screen Environment Changes the Marketing Funnel, Are Mobile Devices a Good Marketing Platform? Basic Mobile Marketing Features, The Technology: Basic Mobile Device Features, Mobile Marketing Tools: Ad Formats, Starting a Mobile Marketing Campaign, Insight on Business: Mobile Marketing: Land Rover Seeks Engagement on the Small Screen, Measuring Mobile Marketing Results. Local and Location-Based Marketing, The Growth of Local Mobile Marketing, The Growth of Location-Based Mobile Marketing, Location-Based Marketing Platforms, Location-Based Mobile Marketing: The Technologies, Why Is Local Mobile Attractive to Marketers? Location-Based Marketing Tools, A New Lexicon: Location-Based Digital Marketing Features, Local Marketing Ad Formats, Starting a Location-Based Marketing Campaign, Measuring Location-Based Marketing Results.
  7. Introduction to Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing Players, The Social Media Marketing Process, Face book and Twitter Marketing

Recommended Books:

  1. David Chaffey, (2014).E-Business and E-Commerce Management 6th Edition, Pearson.
  2. Kenneth C. Laudon & Carol Guercio Traver, (2015.)E-Commerce, 11th Edition, Pearson.

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